Managing Your Limiting Belief System

Number two on the list of X Factors that you will have to manage is any limiting beliefs. If you have a limiting belief system in place then successful body transformation will be difficult and most of the times impossible. To put it simply, beliefs are the way we view the world. They’re like our spectacles that filter our world. You can believe whatever you want to and generally they are influenced by external forces such as our upbringing, the media, friends and family, creative thinking and mostly our experiences.

When it comes to transforming your body you have two options to choose from – a success belief system or a limiting belief system. I’ll let you guess which one will help you succeed, yet which system most people choose to use.

Are you limiting your potential through your beliefs?

You see a limiting belief is simply a thought or a feeling that you won’t succeed at your weight loss goal because of a certain belief. The good news is that we can change them instantly if they are limiting you.

Let me give you examples of things clients have tried in the past to create themselves a limiting belief system. Diets is probably number one, if you have tried a diet in the past and failed then you may have created the thought that you won’t succeed on anything. This is especially the case if you are a yo-yo dieter and have tried numerous diets and failed.

Failed exercise programs, family history, environment, can also cause a negative and limiting belief system.

The truth is that regardless of how many diets and exercise programs you been on there is always a way to change the approach and succeed. But if you go into the program with the belief that it won’t work then it probably won’t.Understand that most programs work, but rather it’s the people that don’t make it work. 


Why will having limiting beliefs help you fail every time?

Having a limiting belief will eventually stop you from taking the action required to reach your goals. Let me explain. Why would you take action on something if you didn’t believe in it? If you believe that something won’t work (like your new nutrition and exercise program) do you think you’ll be motivated to follow the plan and take action? No.

However, if you believe you will succeed you will be much more motivated to take the action that is required to lose weight permanently. Actions such as exercise at least 3 times per week and eating healthy balanced and frequent meals throughout each day will first be driven by the belief that you will succeed, and not just by trying it out.

The past doesn’t equal the future, so whatever you’ve tried before leave it behind you and adopt a success belief system that will help you take action on your goals. Beliefs actually become a self-fulfilling prophecy, and are the basis of what’s known as the law of attraction. Choose your beliefs wisely.

The Self-fulfilling prophecy:

Positive self-belief = positive expectations = positive actions = positive results.

Conversely …

Negative self-belief = negative expectation = negative actions = negative results


Does that make logical sense? Have you ever known a negative self believe with low expectations to be a high performance individual?

Maintaining a Positive Belief System

The other challenge here is that people’s good beliefs are generally short lived. For example let’s say you join a gym, get excited and start working out, you may even lose a few kilos over the first few weeks, you may not, but the real question is how good are at maintain that positive belief system that you started off with.

If you’re not careful, what happens next is bad beliefs may start creeping into your mind. Like this exercise program isn’t working, what’s the point eating this way if it has no effect, and you may even start slipping back into old habits or at least not commit yourself as much and become inconsistent.

So what’s happened? Well, one we start forgetting about our real REASON to change – the WHY factor as described in the first section. Plus we start creating the wrong links of pain and pleasure to our actions and completely lose focus because of that.

I’m going to give you the example of thinking that it’s pointless going to gym if everything I’ve tried in the past hasn’t work. Plus your friends have invited you to go for a drink and that sounds like more fun anyway.

If that sounds like something that you have believed before then you may be associating massive pain with going to the gym and working out all for nothing. Alternative it would be more pleasurable to go for a drink with friends right? But which one would lead you to what you ultimately want? I’m sure you know the answer to that but here is where you need to change your focus towards the WHY factors we were talking about in the previous section.

First of all think about the main reason why you wanted to change in the first place. For example if you really want to finally fit in that hot red dress, then you need to simply start believing that going to the gym will create the ultimate pleasure in feeling slim in that red dress, so that you can impress everyone when you go out. That thought/already starts linking pleasure to going to the gym.

Alternatively, you need to start linking massive pain to going out with friends and getting drunk. You can go out, but just don’t do something that will take you away from your goals, and prioritise what you need to do first, like exercise. Associate the pain that if you go out and get drunk you know that drinking will ruin your metabolism and stop your weight loss efforts for at least one week, and really you’ll never fit in that red dress if you do that.

Do you see how in that example I have changed the focus, your beliefs around the action of going or not going to the gym? I have used pain and pleasure to create the action of going to the gym a pleasurable one and going out to have a drink with friends a painful one.

This concept can be hard to grasp sometimes, so I’m going to give you another example. This time I’m going to relate it to food so let’s say you are really craving some ice cream, maybe even a tub of ice cream. Most people would generally link a lot of pleasure with eating ice cream, because after all ice cream does taste pretty good, right? Don’t get me wrong a small ice cream every now and then won’t hamper your efforts; it’s the overconsumption of it that will.

But let’s say that you often eat ice cream and you link pleasure to it when eating it because you believe it tastes good. Remember, everything we do is also done to avoid pain, so eating ice cream might be to avoid the pain that you believe comes from eating something healthy that doesn’t taste as good. You may even be eating it to avoid the pain of feeling a certain negative emotion such as sad or stressed, often known as emotional eating.

Now let’s change your beliefs, let’s change your focus. Start by linking massive pain by believing that eating that ice cream will make you really fat, and you will never get into that red dress if you eat it. Then start linking massive pleasure to not eating it and believing that eating something healthier will allow you to slip into that red dress so that you can really dress to impress, and start feeling much more confident around people.

Remember this is just an example and now it’s your turn to try and shake those old limiting beliefs and replant some new ones.

Action Exercise

If you have failed at a diet or program before then, write down 3 things that you were successful at in the past?

Try and think of achievements that you endured difficulty with but succeeded. It doesn’t have to do with weight loss either, just something to start instilling a successful belief system into you. If you have succeeded at anything in the past however big or small, then you can succeed with your body transformation goal!




Find and write the names of 3 people who have also achieved similar body transformation goals?

If you know them even better, but if you’re really stuck for ideas then go to websites that have success stories (like mine), to see real world results from people who have successfully transformed. Why? Because after all, if they have done it, then why can’t you?




Write down 3 limiting beliefs that may be stopping you?

I.e. I have tried everything and can’t lose weight. I am big boned. I can’t afford it (a gym or personal trainer). My family has a history of being overweight so I am doomed. Then find examples of how these are untrue as there is always a way, and you’re not the only one in that position who has overcome these perceived limits.




Then write down at least 3 (or more) new reinforcing beliefs that challenge the ones you have written above.

I.e. I can do something new and can lose weight. I am strong. I can jog and find body weight exercise to do at home. I can break the curse of my family and be lean and strong. Then associate at least one reason why that belief will allow you to gain pleasure and one reason why it will allow you to avoid pain.

Each reason you choose should ensure you focus on your end body transformation goal.

I believe that…

Having this belief will allow me to gain what pleasure?

Having this belief will allow me to avoid what pain?

I believe that…

Having this belief will allow me to gain what pleasure?

Having this belief will allow me to avoid what pain?

I believe that…

Having this belief will allow me to gain what pleasure?

Having this belief will allow me to avoid what pain?

Finally, repeat these new beliefs to yourself every morning and every night until they become a part of you; until they become part of your subconscious and you are no longer limited by your, let’s be honest, maybe a little harsh but true… self pity. Let’s empathise with your limits, accept them and work a way around them so that they can become your opportunity. To to this however, when you say these new beliefs to yourself, say it with a conviction, enough so that you feel it deep down. That may be hard at the start, but how badly do you want that goals?

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